There is no difference in effect between In-Person or Distance Healing sessions when it comes to Reconnective Healing as this is a quantum modality. Reconnective Healing frequencies are light (consciousness) and information (experiences clients may access during sessions) – a force – so there is no weakening over distance.

Although this healing may be transmitted on energy, the energetic component is only one of it’s carriers. A simple analogy is whispering. Whispering utilizes far less energy than shouting, yet in the appropriate state, you receive just as much, if not more, information. The light and information transfer is not dependent upon the amount of energy carrying it.

In fact, science has proved the effect may be stronger with distance work. (Please refer to Professor Tiller reference below).


Professor Gary Schwartz conducted an experiment as to the effectiveness of distance healing on damaged leaves that were cut off from the main plant. Here is what he found:

“The leaves received four ten minute distance healings over a 60 day period. The leaves treated with Reconnective Healing remained intact, whereas 99% of the untreated leaves withered away within 34 days. Not only did the leaves treated with Reconnective distance healing fare significantly better, often surviving for more than 90 days, some even produced roots, which indicates a possible regeneration of an entire plant through the previously damaged, cut off leaf.

This shows that Distance Healing directly influenced the longevity of the leaves, which indicates a life sustaining impact on organisms, ie; human beings.”


A few minutes before the session start, place yourself in a quiet place where you won’t be distracted. As described on our Reconnective Healing page, you may experience physical sensations, emotions, enter a pre-sleep state or just be deeply relaxed.

During the session, you do not have to try to blank your mind, meditate or focus on a positive outcome as this can interfere with the process. Just close your eyes and relax and be open to the experience without any expectation to a specific outcome.

Distance sessions takes approximately 45 minutes. 


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