Healer Profile


In order to qualify for a professional career, after realizing the potential and miracles of treatment using hypnosis or mind programming, Dr Narindr has decided to further his study and earned his Ph.D. on Psychology from Assumption University (ABAC).

Besides, he has pursued other study and quali ed as Master coach and NLP practitioner from Thailand Coaching Academy (TCA) as well as earning his Professional Credential Coach (PCC) from International Coach Federation (ICF).

As a Certi ed Hypnotherapist Instructor from NGH (USA), he is qualifying to teach and train professional hypnotherapist.

He decides to sharpen his knowledge further, by practicing many other energy modalities to explore its core and essence i.e. Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing, Chakra Clearing, Emotional Code etc. but nally ends up pursuing “Re- connective Healing” as his preferred Healing modality.

Early 2020, TimeWaver and Healy, the Quantum Technology from Germany, have been introduced. Through his vast knowledge, he knew in his spirit that Energy Healing and Medicine will play an important role in future healing, especially the cutting edge Quantum technology i.e. Quantum Frequency, Quantum Energy Distant Healing, Scalar Wave etc.

Though, they are sophisticated and complicated to make people understanding Quantum Healing led and force, but he is committed to spend all his time and effort to pursue this complimentary treatment especially in this modern day after the attack of Covid-19.

There is a better and economical way, only if we understand the value behind, what the nature has provided us with.



So as to understand fully the concept and principles behind including all the practicing process, Dr Narindr has travelled to US more than 3 times both to attend and participating in the activities.