It Is No Coincidence That You Are Here…
You feel stuck in certain areas and you are looking for an answer that will set you free from your own limited beliefs.
Your subconscious is guiding you here now because you search for a profound life change that will sustain and last.
We are confident the following solutions will meet your need and able to help you!

Researches In Recent Years Discover that
95% Of Our Behaviours Are Automated!

This revelation helps you to understand why things are just not moving in the direction you want them to go.
Have you ever set and acted passionately on a goal, and after a while got back to your starting point?
experienced unexplained blockages and no matter what you did… just couldn’t move beyond it?









The Truth Is : 

You Could Not Progress Beyond The Goals That Your Perception Allow You To Achieve!

You Did Not Select Right Program To Embrace

The Issue is

most people try to influence their undesired circumstances.
But the harder they tried, it seems the deeper they are sinking into the rut…

Don’t try to change your circumstances, but change your programming!

And then – watch how your life changes for  better, effortlessly and automatically.

The subconscious mind settings and beliefs
were determined since you were borne by your urroundings
parents, siblings, teachers, friends etc.
and painful past traumas that wounded you.

You know, the common words such as –
“It is too expensive,” “We cannot afford it,”
“Nothing good will come out of you,” “Who is going to want you,”
“Why can’t you be like your brother,” “Love is hard to find,”
“You have to kiss many frogs,” “I don’t want to hear you,” etc.

These words have tremendous power and they are
buried in your subconscious mind as blockages
in different areas of your life i.e.
Money, love, addiction, over- weight, self-confidence,  self-esteem and more

Our thoughts are mainly controlled by our subconscious mind, which is largely formed before the age of 6, and you cannot change the subconscious mind by just thinking about it.

That’s why the power of positive thinking will not work for most people. The subconscious mind is like a tape player. Until you change the tape and the new recording, it will not change.

~Dr. Bruce Lipton, an Internationally  Biologist

You Are Blind To What Is Really Possible!

Without knowing … you are just working against an invisible programming.

How could you ever make big progress when there is a sabotaging source within you that is hundred of times powerful than your willpower, always fighting against you?

When you tackle the negative subconscious programming, only then, your life will change

Positive thinking and will power at the conscious level is not enough to change your subconscious programming.

You need to profoundly shift or reprogramming the past to stop clashing and blocks you from making the significant progress you desired for.

Why Would You Let Misery In Your Life Control You?

So many people think their poor self-image, debt, and limitations are just BAD LUCK and let it take away any personal responsibility for their well-being.

It’s not your fault or fate that you are programmed this way, it’s your past subconscious paradigms which you didn’t choose.

But it is your responsibility to heal yourself of the emotional and mental wounds that has controlled over you for so long.

Have you ever aware of the enormous power you have within you?

If you learn to influence your mind properly –

only replacing the unwanted habits and negative thinking,

there’s no limit of the abundance you can achieve.

Your life would definitely be much different!!

Shifting your subconscious beliefs is achievable.

It is like any other practice that you can acquire and keep on enhancing.

With Mind Programming Special Edition You can Re-program your Subconscious To Achieve Your Dream


A a creative weight loss & wellness program, focus on helping clients to have a better LifeStyle in 3 key main areas:

1. Re-Programming using Virtual Gastric Band to take back control over food.

2. Motivational Interventions to reduce Emotional Eating with health and wellness knowledge.

3. The No Diet meal plan of 80/20 System, to still maintain the food you love.A monthly or yearly Caring System for a fee for a sustainable Lifestyle.


A combination of Re-Programing and other emotional tools to enhance the clients to become a non-smoker within a short span of maximum 3 sessions

If the clients are still craving after the Program, the additional treatments are FREE!!


A combination of Re-Programing and other emotional tools to enhance the clients to handle stress within a short span of 3 to 5 sessions.

1. Take you into a state of deep relaxation and reprogram your mind to realize and understand why your stress happens.

2. To find out the causes of stress and use the hypnotic suggestion to alter the state of clients’ mind and emotion.

3. To teach clients self-hypnosis and other tools to enable the clients to deal with and tackle future causes of stress.

Other Issues

Besides, we also provide tools to help you with Relationship, Money, Addiction and Business issues etc by unlocking your limited beliefs inside you, your past trauma and most importance your Mindset.

After the treatment, you will never be the same again!!

NGH “MindPrograming” Certification Course