Animals are very sensitive to these frequencies and they experience them without resistance, analysis or interpretation. The effect is often immediate and visible in their behaviour and response.

Results varies depending on what would mostly benefit the animal. It can be a more peaceful attitude or a more venturesome and willing to be active disposition.

There is no limitation to what kind of animal can be helped. It can be pets, horses, farm animals or rescued wildlife.


Just as Reconnective Healing can dramatically improve health in humans, so it is with our animal friends.


A Golden Retriever was treated with Reconnective Healing for a half hour session. Joe was twelve years old and dragging his hind legs because of arthritis. When I returned the next day to see how he was doing, he was no longer dragging his legs in a painful motion. In fact, he was much more sprightly and no more “scraping” sound was heard whilst out walking, his owner told me.



Ducky, a cross between a Pomeranian/Australian Terrier, was rescued from an animal shelter. He had repeatedly been returned to the shelter three times because of behavioural difficulties. On his walks he would often jump into the creek if he saw anything moving in it. Upon returning home, his eyes would become infected and a thick, liquidy fluid would stream from his eyes and he would struggle to keep them open.

This happened on multiple occasions and each time when we got home, I would do a half hour Reconnective Healing session on him. Each time, within a twenty four hour period, Ducky’s eyes would clear and he also seemed to become less reactive and a little bit more peaceful.

On another walk, Ducky was accidentally kicked in his head by a person on a bicycle, who was trying to protect himself from falling of his bike. Ducky came whimpering back to me and straight away it was obvious that he had suffered a head concussion. He fell backwards onto his bum, his body and head swaying from side to side, his front leg moving in an unnatural, twisted position, outwards to the left.

We were in a forest and without a mobile phone. All I could think of doing to help him, was Reconnective Healing. I was sure that even if I drove him to a vet, by the time of our arrival the swelling would have intensified and he would have to have been put to sleep. After half an hour of healing, he lay down in the grass and started chewing on a few straws. I carried him home and did more Reconnective Healing. After about an hour, he ran off barking at something in the back garden. Since then he has been fine.


Molly, my Golden Retriever, is almost 10 years old. She had a fatty lump near her right front leg. Over a period of 7 days I gave her three Reconnective Healing sessions. Now, approximately six weeks later, it has completely gone.

If possible, it would be beneficial for an animal to receive two healing sessions for half an hour each on different days with maximum seven days in between. 

Copyright 2014 Gitte Hansen


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