The (Quantum) Field is the only reality - Albert Einstein

We are on the threshold of a revolution in consciousness and healing that has been set in motion by such far-sighted thinkers as Albert Einstein and Professor Tiller.

There is an incredible amount of potential energy stored within each tiny particle of matter. Einstein’s equation suggests that matter and energy are inter-connected and inter-convertible. The tiny energetic particles of the atom, neutron, proton and electron are actually a form of condensed energy. We might consider matter as “frozen energy.”

There is a uniformity in the universe and light has two forms:
Electromagnetic light & magneto-electric light (also referred to as Superlight or Clear Light and Devine Light in spiritual traditions).

These lights are responsible for all created matter, all forces and life itself.
Electromagnetic energy is visible light existing in our time/space. It has a strong electric and weaker magnetic component. (Used in Reiki, Pranic Healing).


“I have had many Reiki Healing sessions in the past, but after experiencing Reconnective Healing, it is like Reiki on steroids!” – Jason Watts, Doncaster East


Magneto-electric energy has a shorter wavelength and higher energy content than electromagnetic light and is the source of the energy of life, which makes for its connection to the area of healing through increased coherence in organisms. By being exposed to magneto-electric light, healing and regeneration is possible. It exists in negative time/space – in the quantum field. (The frequencies exposed to in Reconnective Healing).

Often it is asked, if magneto-electric energy is so powerful, how come we do not feel it, or how come it is not detected scientifically? – well, the frequency is so high, its wave length so short, it’s velocity so fast, that it goes through everything as though the substance was nearly completely transparent (like glass). This higher frequency is completely penetrating like x-rays, but even more so.


Dr. Eric Pearl, the founder of Reconnective Healing, explains it this way:

“Reconnective Healing is very different from the energy healing techniques we know of today. These techniques utilize electromagnetic energy, whereas Reconnective Healing bring us up “to a higher level…….magneto-electric energy, up to a “higher dimensional level.”

Reconnective Healing frequencies bring healing “beyond just what has been classically known as energy healing into a broader spectrum of energy and light and information,” a spectrum that scientists and researchers believe is here on Earth for the first time. It is this spectrum that seems to allow for the healings to occur on greater levels.”


Research has found that: –

When the practitioner access the Reconnective frequencies, it helps a person move into a state where tremendous healings can occur. It is as if the frequencies help to connect the other person into a state where their “dis-ease” and symptoms tend to fall away.

Often people come back from that state reporting healings that are quite dramatic, while others state that this helps them to balance on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This new frequency is a completely different mechanism than Reiki, Pranic Healing or any energy healing modality that we have had on the planet before now.

With traditional energy healing, the practitioner tries to become a conduit for energy and then send that energy out from himself or herself and into the other person.

With Reconnective Healing, something very different happens. Rather than becoming a conduit that sends energy to the other person, we sense energy and receive information instead. As a result, we become a catalyst that allows the other person to directly connect themselves, to the Field and Higher Intelligence from which they receive the healing that is most appropriate for them.

Furthermore, research and experience with the work indicates that Reconnective Healing is simply easier to access and is far stronger than those energy healing modalities which have been on the planet previously.

It is as if we have suddenly had our healing modalities upgraded from dial-up into cable “broadband.”


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