Why Quantum Distant Energy Healing?

Since 2010, Dr. Narindr Vang started practicing and treating clients focusing on Reconnective Healing and Hypnosis. However, coz of the current world dynamic and changing environment, we have now integrated Quantum Technology into our service for our clients to expand and provide them with more exibility, ef cacy and cutting edge treatment as a complementary and alternative approach, taking it to the next holistic level.

WHAT IS Quantum Energy?

The concept behind Quantum Energy originated in the early 1900s with Dr Albert Abrams (1864–1924), a specialist in diseases and brain. Operating under Quantum Physic concept, known as “RADIONICS”.

Radionics is a method of energy based distant healing thru diagnostics and healing method which can be done from a distance. No matter where they might be in the world, they could still bene t from the treatment.

Radionics is an alternative energy medicine operating similar to radio waves. Radionics practitioners recognise that all life is made up of vital and subtle energies which can be a ected by the everyday traumas such as accidents, shock, environmental and emotional stresses.

These subtle energies make up the invisible matrix of the physical body, thus, through the skill of dowsing and ability to analyze the conditions of subtle energies, Radionics is able to restore harmony and balance of energy through chakras and subtle bodies in order to optimise health and well being of the person.

Now-a-day, therapists also use other cutting-edge Quantum Energy devices and high precision Quantum Energy diagnostic tools like Scenar, Cosmodic, QLaser, TimeWaver and HRV, etc.

HOW Quantum Energy Distant Healing PERFORMED?

According to practitioners, a healthy person will have certain frequencies and subtle energy moving through the body that indicating the health condition of order or disorder both physical and psychological of the clients.

Quantum Energy Device or Radionics instrument helps to detect, analyze , amplify and balance the subtle energy eld of the subjects so that the body could perform its own optimal self-healing function.

Since clients are not there in person, a radionics witness is required i.e. photographs, biological or DNA samples (hair snippets). The best and most common is a high-resolution digital photograph which creates crystallization of the energy matrix of the subject like a hologram.

However, for the best result, it would be recommended to be present with practitioner for the initial session, if possible.

In the West…UK and USA, besides health treatment:

Radionics are used extensively and widely to increase yield in agriculture, improving health of livestock as well as clearing blockage and optimize success in business.


Dealing with energetic and information medicine, we need to know the information of “what’s wrong, where dysfunction is happening and what are the reasons for it.

The TimeWaver, a radionics system, is one of the helpful devices providing us with information about the tangible and intangible of whole body systems, blockages of the information ow and their causes in different levels. The German invented TimeWaver uses the cutting edge of connection of Quantum Technology between the system, the therapist and the patient happening within the information eld, in dimensions higher than space and time to diagnose and rewrite or optimize.

The timewaver pro system

The Deepest Level of Harmonization

The TimeWaver Pro system has the unique ability to both analyze and harmonize the forces that affect energy flow, balance, and wellbeing, through Information Field technology.

The Entire Human Being

The TimeWaver Pro system works on the various levels that can be distinguished within the human being in its entirety. TimeWaver detects the correlations found in the Information Field between energy and information levels. Those correlations enable TimeWaver to model the human in its entirety.

Information Field Technology

The TimeWaver Pro system was developed for analysis and optimization in the Information Field. The aim of the TimeWaver Pro system is to analyze possible correlations and backgrounds of imbalances and disturbances in the Information Field and to bring them back into harmony with new information patterns. The system, developed by physicist Marcus Schmieke, is now used by over 1,000 users worldwide.

Reading and Writing

Analysis and optimization in the Information Field refers to ten levels of an individual that directly and indirectly influence each other, affecting the client’s Bioenergetic Field and wellbeing.
When analyzing in the Information Field, TimeWaver Pro looks for new information that can help restore an optimal balance on all of these levels. Just as in the analysis, the TimeWaver Pro system has the goal of “writing” this new information into the Information Field, e.g., in the form of vibration patterns. The purpose is to harmonize imbalances in the Information Field.

“There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”
Max Planck

Information Field Technology

TimeWaver is a quantum-physical Information Field system designed to help you analyze connections and deeper levels in the Information Field and to harmonize them with new information.
As a foundation for analysis and optimization, the TimeWaver uses information and consciousness. Nobel laureate physicist Max Planck defined reality at its most fundamental level as information rather than matter.

Consciousness and Information

According to our model, conscious processes leave traces in the Information Field. The TimeWaver systems have been developed to analyze in the Information Field what new information can be used to restore an optimal balance.

Quantum Physics and Consciousness

Already scientists, such as Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger and Wolfgang Pauli have described a field of mental and physical interdependencies, which we refer to as the Information Field.
The Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung was the first to recognize the direct communication of the individual unconscious with a sort of a global Information Field, which he called the collective unconscious.
All of them found that consciousness can interact with material processes and directly influence them.
The TimeWaver systems have been developed to specifically make use of this knowledge.

Heim’s model of 12 dimensions

Special features of TimeWaver Radionics

TimeWaver birthed out from Burkhard Heim’s model that the four-dimensional visible world – the dimensions d1 to d4 – represents only the rst level of the universe.

Above this, there is – the energetic control eld (ECF) – the dimensions d5 to d6 – and the space of consciousness – the dimensions d7 to d12.

Only Global information Field (GIF) d7 to d8 could be accessed. The other four highest dimensions, d9 to d12, represent the mind or God levels with no access.

The higher dimensions of ESF and GIF communicate with the visible four-dimensional space- time (d1-d4) through the Time Wave.

These twelve dimensions directly connect matter and consciousness together, thus, make the invisible of the sub-conscious mind becoming visible.

Health & wellness consultation & coaching

Treating at different levels

The special feature of TimeWaver is the ability to analyze the invisible in uences affecting us in all areas of life and to balance them.

It is very important that a person understands what is happening on all 10 different levels: from physic to energy ow and regulation, to the frequencies and psyche, to possibly inherited basic dispositions and even further.

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How Dis-eases Created in Human?

All dis-eases start from the spiritual level and then move on to mental or our thought before turning on to be an emotional issue.

Energy also plays a vital role in keeping us in a strong or weak health condition.

If the various levels of subconscious are not taking care of properly, then, the inner imbalance will be manifested outwardly to our physical body and biochemical levels instead.

The 10 TimeWaver Levels

In order to treat the holistic of a person: TimeWaver Pro looks into every dimension of possibility from symptoms up to the spiritual level for treatment. Sometimes, the effect of the environment or Fong Sui could also effect the sleep cycle of the person through electro smog or geo-pathy of the environment.

Spritual Level
Systemic Level
Psychic Level
Information Level
Energy Level
Frequency Level
Physiological process
Toxic burden
Bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi

Timewaver integrated databases

  • Cellular Biology
  • Toxins, Burdens
  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Fungi
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Frequency Module
  • Genetics
  • Neurology
  • Structural Level
  • Dentistry
  • Homeopathy
  • Pshycho-Kinesiology
  • Systematic Therapy


At QuantumLife, we understand fully that having a good or normal health (No 3) is achievable through Quantum Energy Treatment thru different levels approach.

But to reach an Optimal (No 4) health and especially a Wow (No 5) state, a lifestyle change is a “MUST “. This could only be attained through Quantum Wellness Coaching and persistent self challenging.

TimeWaver Modules

Besides, over a million integrated databases, TimeWaver Pro also offer the following ready-to-operate Modules specially designed to give clients the immediate results within a short processing time:

WaveScreening Module A

The quick and extensive overview

475 databases

WaveScreening is a module performing an information field screening regarding potential health problems with just one click. Subsequently, the results for the 475 most important medical effects are displayed with a proba-bility ranking. An individual database regarding the treatment of the information field is stored for each of these 475 entries.

Only three clicks to the goal

With a second mouse click, you can create a corresponding optimization list for the selected results through an analysis in the databases. With a third click, you can vibrate this list on a TimeWaver information vial that you can give to your patient for their therapy support at home.

Using the power of the unconscious

This way, you can combine the TimeWaver optimization with the possible placebo or autosugges-tion effect of the “informed” TimeWaver information vial. The optimization lists can be simultane-ously vibrated directly into the information field.

The TimeWaver Med Organ Coherence Module

GenoWave Module

Systemic relations in the information field.

Systemic constellations with GenoWave

The GenoWave Module should enable you to accompany therapeutic or transfor-mational processes with TimeWaver dynamically, with the aim to illustrate them graphically and to support them positively through optimization approaches, such as affirmations, symbols, or information. By means of the GenoWave Module, you cantransfer a systemic constellation of families, partnerships, groups, companies, etc. ona two-dimensional surface and optimize it in the information field.

The practical application of GenoWave

Individual symbols can be placed on the relationships through drag and drop. In the course of this, you can observe in real time how the qualities of the respective rela-tionships, evaluated in the analysis, change.

Therapeutically, one can optimize the relationships between the individual participants by creatingindividual optimization lists for them. Simultaneously, one can directly vibrate in these optimization lists and carry out areassessment regarding the quality of their relationship.

Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not recognize the existence ofinformation fields and their medical or other importance, the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to a lack of scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine.

Analyzing the qualities of relationships in the information field

The qualities of relationships are evaluated in the information field according to the same principle as in the organ coherence mod-ule. Intact relationship patterns are illustrated using green arrows, while stress patterns in relationships are illustrated using red and
blue arrows. The blue arrows indicate rigid relationships, with too little space for individuality, while red arrows symbolize chaotic stress patterns that may be related to a lack of connection, lack of reliability, or a low sense of responsibility.

Informative constellations

GenoWave itself places the individual members of the constellation on one level and analyzes the qualities of the individual rela-tionships. The individual members can be both moved by the user and automatically by means of an analysis. In the course of this,the new situation will be assessed in real time.

WaveGenetics Module

Phantom DNA and the information field

Wave genetics and information fields

TimeWaver Frequency is intended to change the electric field of the cells in a positive way. The WaveGenetics Module, according to the Russian molecular biologist Prof. Dr. Peter Gariaev, the discoverer of the phantom DNA, directly couples, according to his model, to the information field of the DNA through so-called torsion fields should connect the two levels when the patient’s own connection doesn’t work anymore.

The WaveGenetics module is a valuable addition to the TimeWaver sys-tem, since we regard DNA as a connection between the cell and its in- .formation field. According to our understanding, disturbances in the wave ne genetic field of the DNA can impede the communication of the cells with Communication to the the morphogenetic field, or even interrupt it.

The discoverer of the “Phantom DNA”

Peter Gariaev

In decades of research, Dr. Peter Gariaev,member of the Russian Academy of Medico-Technical Sciences (RAMTN) and Academy of a reed Applied Natural Science (RAEN) in Moscow, ‘ ¥ Syof the Cells chairman of the Institute of Quantum Genet-ics in Kiev, developer of wave genetics and discoverer of the Phantom DNA developed 80 wave genetic files that have been inter-nationally applied for wave genetic balancing for years.

Music for the soul

The TimeWaver Sound Module

Almost everyone has already heard of subliminal influence. Whether hidden images in the cinema motivate to buy certain beverages, or “secret messages” are smuggled into the sub-conscious of people. Subliminal information is used in a wide variety of applications. The same effect can also be used in a positive sense, namely by applying, for example, certain acoustic frequencies for a patient, that are intended to have a positive effect.

The TimeWaver Sound Module analyzes in the information field what frequencies seem to be helpful for your patient and directly selects the required frequencies from the extensive databases. The desired frequency can also be selected manually.

The TimeWaver Sound Module

  • Fundamental resonances of the human body
  • Frequencies for treatment, sorted by symptoms
  • Frequencies for treatment, sorted by Hz
  • Frequencies for cell and organ stimulation
  • Brain frequencies
  • Tones and colors
  • Rife frequencies

Energy Points Module

Energy flow in the information field.

Special feature of the Energy Point Module

  • TimeWaver does not only stimulate individual points, but can also analyze complete areas of an organ in the information field in order to balance them in a targeted manner
  • You can scan your own photos, x-ray images, or CTs of your client and place energy points with respect to the respective organ.
  • Different reflex zones and acupuncture areas of the hands and feet for stimulating the information field are integrated in the software.
  • TimeWaver can automatically determine appropriate balancing agents for the stimu-lation of relevant energy points in the information field.

Meridians Module

Energy flow in the information field

The TimeWaver Meridians Module

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meridians are channels where the vital energy (Qi) flows. In this system, there are 12 main meridians and two meridians associated to the central governing and conception vessels. Each meridian is associated to an organ or organ system. The TimeWaver Meridians Module divides the 12 main meridians, where the acupuncture points are located, in the left and right body halves. According to the teachings of TCM, a free and sufficient flow of Qi is, among other things, necessary for a healthy balance of body and mind. In case of too little Qi, for example, an organ could be damaged. The Meridians Module purely works on the information level.

Virtual needles

In order to treat particular problems in the right place, the Meridians Mo-dule analyzes thousands of energy and acupuncture points in the information field to decide which of them should bestimulated. You can adjust thern auto-matically or manually and stimulate the meridians in the information field by placing virtual needles.

TimeLine Module

Past – Present – Future

The TimeLine Module

The TimeLine Module analyzes in the information field the specific moments in time of a person’s lifeline that are in a resonance with a possible disturbance and aims at influencing the analyzed blockages in a positive way. The TimeLine Module is intended to capture and represent the information field in its temporal order, knowing full well that the information field itself is not subject to this temporal order, but is above this. Since the timeline in this model forms the dividing line and thus, the interface between the three-dimensional space and the higher dimensions, we are of the opinion that an informative consideration is of particular importance.

The precious look into past, present and future

Timelines can be created for a person or any object with a temporal beginning extending to the present day. Additionally, a woman’s period of pregnancy can be considered; this is corresponding, for example,to the planning time or construction phase of a building.

Likewise, the period of presence can be extended into the future, in order to capture the flowing relative nature of time. In many cases, the coherences of problems can be found in projections of the future.These have an influence on the presence and the past.

Time in a nonlinear perspective

From the perspective of a higher-dimensional information field, the past has not passed and the future does not lie in the future. The entire temporality forms a space full of resonances with itself and the surrounding dimensions. It is the aim of the TimeLine Module to capture and harmonize these.

Aura Module

Chakras as a mirror of the body.

Relationships of hormones, glands and organs

In Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) chakras are special energy areas that have been known for a long time and that have a modified physiologically measurable resistance on the skin surface. According to TCM, the aura is a very subtle electro-magnetic field that is radiated off the skin surface and can be made visible in color through certain wavelengths and intensities. The chakras in turn should have direct contact to various endocrine systems, nerve centers, and certain organs.The aura is regarded as a fine image of the Chakras. This way, conclusions regarding the functioning of a person’s endocrine system and nerve centers could be drawn.

The Aurain the information field

The Aura Module integrated in the TimeWaver system analyzes a person’s information field within the frequencies of visible light and displays their distribution graphically in their aura. The recording in the Aura module is a graphical illustration of the aura intensities determined in the information field. The Aura Module uses the colors of the seven chakras for the illustra-tion. These are symmetrically shown on the left and right around the photo of the client. Alarger and stronger illustration of the individual colors corresponds, according to this model, to a stronger energy of the chakra.

The chakras and theendocrine system

The aura photography and knowledge of chakras has been considered as unscientific for many years. But, when dealing with this system, it quickly becomes apparent that ancient knowledge and a different approach regarding medical issues are the basis of this system. A particularly interesting feature of the Aura module is the video function; this should make it possible to observe the change in the Aura and record it in real time. The video function can document how the energetic situation of a person possibly changes during a therapy or during energy work.

Business success consultation & coaching

Success can mean many things – realizing a dream, increasing sales or winning a competition. Success is no coincidence, but results from a conscious orientation. Man is a conscious being, the mind decides our actions.

Our consciousness captures only 5% of our reality. The other 95% are unconscious processes, experiences, beliefs and feelings which in uence our decisions in everyday life without our knowing or even control. However, this is how we unconsciously control our success to a large extent.

Today with the help of Quantum Technology of information eld: it has becoming simple, holistic and sustainable.

TimeWaver could help to reveal and optimize the hidden potential of your company, foreseeing your future problems including unblocking whatever blockages you are currently facing.

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TimeWaver BIZ

From the Information Age to the Information Field Age

Nowadays many companies store their company and customer data in a cloud, an internet accessible information storehouse, to make this information accessible at any time via a computer or smartphone. We would like to introduce you to a different kind of cloud:

The Quantum Field or Information Field Cloud

According to modern quantum physics, visible reality is based on a quantum level, a field that stores all information about mind and matter.
Now imagine you have a router that gives you direct access to this Information Field, this “cloud” of all relevant information about your company, from any location and at any time.
Access to the information that controls all physical, psychological and thus also business processes from the background – to the level that controls the seemingly chaotic markets, share prices and diverse risk factors of entrepreneurship. This is a fascinating idea, the realization of which we would like to bring you a lot closer to with the TimeWaver BIZ system.

Quantum Physics Makes It Possible

“He who is not shocked by quantum physics, has not understood it.” said Niels Bohr, one of the leading founders of quantum physics.

Other scientists: Erwin Schrödinger, Carl Friedrich and Roger Nelson refer the Information Field, as a eld of Mental and Physical Interactions.

Even though they named this observed phenomena differently. But all of them agree that “consciousness can interact with material processes and directly influence them”.

For whom is TimeWaver BIZ helpful?

Board executives and department heads:

Strategic processes and decisions will become more tangible and manageable. The road to success appears clearer. Human resource management becomes more effective, while risk management gains an extra dimension.

Small and medium sized companies (1 – 500 employees):

Assistance in all areas of the daily corporate management: finances, customers, employees, projects, products. Intuition becomes certainty, the suspected becomes conscious.

In what areas can TimeWaver BIZ be applied? *

TimeWaver BIZ provides you with relevant information and ideas, and supports your work in the following areas:

  • Strategic orientation and decisions
  • Goal oriented process assistance and control
  • Branding and marketing CD/CI
  • Financial and liquidity planning
  • Investment decisions
  • Risk analysis
  • Human Resources: Employee involvement, crisis management, and motivational topics
  • Product optimization
  • Analysis of company weaknesses
  • Balancing of personal stress factors
  • Future development prognosis
  • Office optimization
  • Conflict resolution

Quantum Technology Coaching

A new Dynamic & Cutting Age approach

Would you like to get to the bottom of things, gain deeper insights and nd hidden underlying interrelationships or issues?

The TimeWaver CoachingWheel module facilitates interactive sessions with you or your personal wellbeing and health and even your business, enhancing and supplementing by valuable information from the Information Field through Quantum Technology.

After a session using the Quantum Technology Coaching, you would be surprised to nd out a number of hidden issues inside your deepest inner-self you never told anyone or even remembered. It embraced in your sub-conscious mind which control 95% of your daily activities.

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A New Dimension of Analysis!

Approx. 31,000 databases for analyses:

  • Meditation
  • Prenatal patterns
  • Transformations of life themes
  • Unblocking of blocking beliefs
  • Systemic affirmations
  • Dissolving false beliefs
  • Holistic personality development
  • Totem animals
  • Management
  • Answer Matrix
  • Spiritual answer matrix
  • Home and living
  • Personal wellbeing
  • Affirmations
  • and much more.

4 Steps of Coaching approach

1. Self-assessment

Clients reflect on themselves and proceed towards introspection. TimeWaver will support the quantitative self-assessment and satisfaction of the client.

2. Information Field Analysis

The conscious is compared to the unconscious using information field analysis. The goal of this procedure is to bring the unconscious aspects into the client’s consciousness and determine the greatest divergence between conscious and unconscious occurrences.

The client’s perception is changed so they can focus on reality instead of focusing on their own
perception of reality.

3. Exploring Visions, Goals and Reality

A quantitative and qualitative assessment of the actual or non- desired actual state is carried out and the definition of ideals and goals is performed. The client is then given a toolbox that helps them achieve their goals.

4. Creating an Action Plan

A definition of goals and their time frames is carried out, the resulting action plan is then handed out to the client in the form of a concise printout so that they have detailed instructions for implementing their goals while the optimization of the information field is running in the background.

Each of the 4 steps is clearly visualized so that both you and your partners (either personal or business) could gain a better understanding of the underlying inter- relationship hidden issues.

Using the example of causal analysis, the Quantum Technology Coaching could reflect the cause-related imbalances on 8 levels from the huge databases and find solution approached for optimization or correction in Quantum Information Field.

  • Environment
  • Physical level
  • Biochemical level
  • Energetic level
  • Emotional level
  • Mental level
  • Karmic level
  • Spiritual level