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The Quantum Energy Medicine
The Quantum Energy Medicine
The Quantum Energy Medicine

Reconnective Healing is the new Energy, Light and Information of our planet. It is an evolved form of FREQUENCY interaction that continues to advance our health, balance, and quality of life progress with infinite freedom and expanded consciousness.




Besides being the new Energy, Light and Information of our planet, it also promotes your ability to heal yourselves and impact lives of others.

Recognized by today’s science as the RH frequencies. These vibrational frequencies encompass the energy systems and benefits of all energy healing techniques, yet are accessible without complicated steps, procedures or ritual and could be learned by everyone.


Thus, each person’s healing will be unique according to your own independent perfection.


The Personal Reconnection (PRC) utilizes the frequencies of RH but is very precise and differs in its application. It is a focused formation, reconnecting the grid-work of your body to the universal grid in all dimensions of time and space.

During your PRC, you are reconnecting to a timeless system of intelligence, your beginning of life and destiny, and it will continue to unfold as you begin to make new choices on your life path, moving into your Life Progress.

Many who have experienced their PRC simply say, “Life is… easier”. The PRC is facilitated in two separate sessions.

Receiving your PRC is a choice and not everyone chooses to shift their life at this accelerated pace.

The PRC could be facilitated only once in a lifetime



Scientists are excited by the ways in which Reconnective Healing seems to be unique. Scientific research has shown that Reconnective Healing is very different from Reiki and other types of energy healing in various ways. There are still many unanswered questions, but here are some of the results that have been obtained so far:


Professor Emeritus of Stanford University'
"So, when Eric Pearl talks about Reconnective Healing, then really what is happening is that many kinds of energy and light are flowing through the healer and into the healee. In other words, what we're talking about is bringing it beyond just what has been classically known as energy healing into a much broader spectrum of energy, light and information, as described above."
William Tiller, PhD
Department of Materials Science
Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness & Health,
"Eric is genuinely just trying to understand it and I am very impressed with Dr. Pearl's credentials and his seriousness of purpose. He is very genuine. I'm impressed with his gifts and his interest in science. He really would like to understand what is going on. And although he has beliefs like we all do, he is willing to put those beliefs to experimental test. The fact that he would volunteer his time and perform experiments under controlled conditions in the laboratory and devote all his time shows his personal interest - nobody's making him do this." The conclusion of these experiments was that the energy was indeed real, detectable, measurable - and quite remarkable, Schwartz says.
Gary Schwartz, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, Neurology, Surgery, Medicine at Yale University
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics,
Professor Korotkov's recent research into Reconnective Healing was published in October 2011 and gives proof of its long last benefits: "Changes of participants' energy fields and chakras before and after the workshop demonstrate a strong positive effect of this process to the psycho-emotional state of people." He found that a person's energy field was more coherent after receiving Reconnective Healing than prior to exposure.
Professor Kostantin G Korotkov, PhD
Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies.
October 2011
Board-certified General and Vascular Surgeon graduated from Tulan Medical School
John Day decided to put down his scalpel and practice Reconnective Healing instead. Through his own career-long series of questions and discoveries, including an intense personal study of Eastern and other holistic healing systems with world-renowned authorities including the Dalai Lama's personal physician, Day decided the current mentality of Western medicine is not as conducive to healing as what he felt he could accomplish by other means. "I made this decision because I knew it would take me into higher levels of understanding. It would help me heal myself and others more completely," he says.
John Day, MD
surgical practise in Boulder Colorado
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education at the University of Miami School of
O'Connell says "he then selected a few other chronically ill patients and asked them if they too, would like to try a session with Pearl. In exchange, he asked each of them if they would be willing to answer some questions after their session, and he asked them not to discuss with others what they experienced, and they returned with surprisingly similar reports and dramatic improvements. One of his patients with great difficulty walking, walked around easily after a few sessions with Pearl. Still another, a child with cerebral palsy who couldn't walk into O'Connell's clinic without leg braces and help from his mom, was able to run out after Pearl's session, carrying his brace! "Many members of our faculty have seen Eric's work," O'Connell adds "And almost everybody is intrigued by what they've seen."
Mark O'Connell, MD
Internal Medicine Specialist
Thursday, August 31, 2017


In order to qualify for a professional career, after realizing the potential and miracles of treatment using hypnosis or mind programming, Dr Narindr has decided to further his study and earned his Ph.D. on Psychology from Assumption University (ABAC).

Besides, he has pursued other study and quali ed as Master coach and NLP practitioner from Thailand Coaching Academy (TCA) as well as earning his Professional Credential Coach (PCC) from International Coach Federation (ICF).

As a Certi ed Hypnotherapist Instructor from NGH (USA), he is qualifying to teach and train professional hypnotherapist.

He decides to sharpen his knowledge further, by practicing many other energy modalities to explore its core and essence i.e. Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing, Chakra Clearing, Emotional Code etc. but nally ends up pursuing “Re- connective Healing” as his preferred Healing modality.

Early 2020, TimeWaver and Healy, the Quantum Technology from Germany, have been introduced. Through his vast knowledge, he knew in his spirit that Energy Healing and Medicine will play an important role in future healing, especially the cutting edge Quantum technology i.e. Quantum Frequency, Quantum Energy Distant Healing, Scalar Wave etc.

Though, they are sophisticated and complicated to make people understanding Quantum Healing led and force, but he is committed to spend all his time and effort to pursue this complimentary treatment especially in this modern day after the attack of Covid-19.

There is a better and economical way, only if we understand the value behind, what the nature has provided us with.


It is recommendable to take  a treatment  of 3 continuous sessions for best result, in activating the frequency as well as for the frequencies to be effectively manifested.


Single session

The session will last about 45-60 minutes..

Package of 3 sessions

Recommend to do once a week to allow time for the frequency to manifest fully.

Same as in person

In case a face to face session is not possible, RH offers the Distance Healing Session which many people feel the Frequencies could even be much stronger.

Single session

For pets lover: your pets would love the frequency same as human and since they are more sensitive, unbeilable result would be manifested.
Quantum Frequency Treatment
Fees per session
Single Sesssion : 5,000 B
Silver Package : 20,000 B
Gold Package : 35,000 B
Quantum Energy Distant Healing
Fees per session
Single Sesssion : 10,000 B
Silver Package : 21,000 B
Gold Package : 30,000 B
Quantum Coaching
Fees per session
Single Sesssion : 10,000 B
Silver Package : 30,000 B
Gold Package : 48,000 B
Mind Programing (Hypnosis)
Fees per session
Single Sesssion : 5,000 B
Silver Package : 10,000 B
Gold Package : 18,000 B
Complete Session: 9,333 B
2 sessions of which each session will last about 45 minutes.


Bioenergtic Studies Conducted on Reconnective Healing Practitioners & Those Being Treated
Gary Schwartz, PhD of University of Arizona’s Human Energy Systems Laboratory conducted a series of carefully designed, controlled scientific experiments with Dr. Pearl and other Reconnective Healing Practitioners to determine whether the Reconnective energy was something measurable and real in...
Study Of Reconnective Healing Performed On A Subject Suffering From Emaciated Lower Limbs
Changes in body’s energetic conditions were measured by the AMI (Apparatus for Meridian Identification) through the three sessions of the Reconnective Healing performed on a subject who had lower limbs emaciated and had been unable to walk for 6 months...
Science Confirms Reconnective Healing Edited by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
This book describes results of different experiments and clinical trials exploring the effects of Reconnective Healing. Experiments during three years demonstrated that sessions of Reconnection Healing had statistically significant positive influence on the functional state, humoral activity, physical condition and...
Electromagnetic spectrum
The light we can see is only one part of all the electrical and magnetic energy buzzing around our world. Radio waves, X rays, gamma rays, and microwaves work in a very similar way. All together, this energy is called...
Reiki & Pranic Healing vs Reconnective Healing
“I have had many Reiki Healing sessions in the past, but after experiencing Reconnective Healing, it is like Reiki on steroids!” – Jason Watts, Doncaster East

Single session

For pets lover: your pets would love the frequency same as human and since they are more sensitive, unbeilable result would be manifested.