Why. it is recommendable to take only a maximum treatment of 3 continuous sessions?

Your interaction with these highly palpable energies is initiated during your session, and they continue to work with you long after you’ve left your RH Practitioner’s office.

RH sessions typically last approximately within 45 minutes. The healings occur outside of the constraints of time and space, so more time or sessions is not better.

Thus, up to 3 sessions are normally suggested and any ‘top-up’ session usually is not recommended.

If some other health or well-being issue arises after some time, you can then have another round of up to 3 sessions.

#1 Single

In Person

B 4K per session
In Person
45-60 mins session
Feel the energy healing working
one week interval for 2 session

#2 Package

In Person

B 10K sessions
Only 4k each
Package of 3 sessions
45-60 min session each
Complete the recommended max 3 sessions

#3 Single


B 4K per session
Comfortable @ home
45-60 mins session
Feel the energy healing working
3 sessions package = 10 K

#4 Pet Lover

F 2 F

Abt 45-60 mins session
In Person Healing with Pets
Distance Healing in case not not convenient
45 mins session


To bring your life back to what you have been destined for.

The reconnection is a process with protocol to be facilitated into 2 continuous sessions.

with 3 days aport and to be completed within 1 week time. 


Complete Session: 9,333 B
2 sessions of which each session will last about 45 minutes.

Please let us know so that we could welcome you!