Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of key questions and answers for patients considering TimeWaver Frequency and FSM treatment.

FAQ’s for TimeWaver Frequency

How long is the TimeWaver Frequency treatment?

Most treatment protocols will last for approximately 90 minutes. Follow-ups may be shorter depending on your condition and how quickly you make progress.

What can I expect from the treatment?

We measure energy, pulse and stress levels with the QuantumScan After Analysis of indications, a program is created and then the patient can relax while holding a set of metal electrodes.

What should I wear to the treatment?

Please wear something comfortable. Loose tting clothes are the best option.

How do I feel immediately after the treatment?

You should feel good and energised coz your cells being charged with micro-current.. Some people feel tired after treatment and sleep extremely well.

Do I need to prepare in any way prior to treatment?

Before you start your treatment, it is highly important to drink plenty of water. Drinking 2-4 8oz glasses of water within 2-4 hours before your appointment. Coffee, caffeinated tea, carbonated coke and other zzy beverages do NOT count as water.

Are there any side effects to the treatment?

No, there are no side-effects as we aware of. The treatment is very safe, gentle and non-invasive, meaning it is suitable to use on both children and animals as well as adults. But not recommended for pregnant women or patients with peacemaker.

Will the treatment cure my illness/ailment?

The treatment concept is to treat the cell of the body. We treat the cause of the condition rather than symptoms. Once the cells become strong, it will then enable the body to heal itself. Each person is individual and many factors need to be taken into consideration in order to restore health. Factors such as diet and lifestyle will be discussed during treatment.

FAQ’s for FSM

How long is the FSM treatment?

Most treatment protocols last for a minimum of one hour. Multiple appointments may be required to treat certain conditions. This will be discussed when you start your rst treatment.

What is FSM treatment used for?

FSM treatment is a method of diagnosing and treating patients to provide relief to a variety of disorders especially injury from accident, sports etc ; it can help to restore a patient’s health.

What can I expect in my FSM treatment?

The leads in the machine are attached to a small hand towel that has been soaked in warm water. The wet fabric creates a exible conductive surface or electrode which can be wrapped around the neck or lower back, laid along the length of the spine and wrapped around the knee, ankle, elbow or wrist and foot to send current into different parts of your body for treatment.

How many protocols are available for FSM treatment?

More than120 protocols available for immediate use. We can also customise and create protocols speci cally for individual’s needs.

What should I wear to my FSM treatment?

Loose tting clothes are the best option. Wet towels have to remain in contact with the skin during treatment so please wear items that are easily washable and easy to dry.

Should I bring anything with me to my FSM treatment?

It may be a good idea to bring spare clothes to change afterwards, depending on your treatment protocol. You may also wish to bring a book to read, whatever works best to help you relax.

Is FSM guaranteed to work?

No treatment can be guaranteed when it comes to the human body and FSM is no exception. If you are not starting to see results by the 4th treatments, we recommend, it is best for us to sit down and discuss future options.

Are all Micro-current Devices and treatments the same?

No. We only use sequences of frequencies researched by Dr Carolyn McMakin, the originator of the FSM methodology. It is the unique combination of individual frequencies in pairs and sequences in particular programs that can make the treatment so effective.

Is FSM a TENS treatment?

FSM is not a TENS treatment or a TENS unit. It is not an interferential machine, acupuncture device, or therapeutic ultrasound unit.

Are there any contraindications for FSM?

The most conservative sources recommend that FSM is not done during pregnancy, if you have cancer, and if you have a pace maker. I

Are there any side effects to FSM treatment?

The currents are small with no side effects. Sometimes a person may feel a change in pain or nerve symptoms and may overdo things afterwards coz they are feeling well. Sometimes, as with a massage, the person will feel sore after a treatment but then better the next day.

If I have a metal implant, can I still be treated?

Patients with implanted metals pins, metal plates, arti cial joints and stents have been treated with no problems reported. If it is not a problem for the metal to be in the normal body, then it is equally unproblematic for the microcurrent.

How do I feel at the end of my treatment?

After each session of treatment you should feel both relaxed and energised. It continues to amaze how different people look before and after the session.